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Step into your spiritual power, own your gifts, and unlock your life’s unique magic.


For the first time ever, I’m offering a program for intermediate and advanced students to train with me!

What makes this online program different?

For the first time ever, I am offering a program specifically to help those who are already spiritually curious go WAY DEEPER! 

We will be exploring and channeling our way through:

  • Creating and using powerful activations 

  • Exploring the realms + the beings that exist there

  • How the Universe works (& how to work with it!)

  • Past lives, deity work, timeline shifting, astral projection

... and more!  

(Looking for a beginner-friendly course instead?)
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Start today and open your channeling abilities in just one week

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Activate your psychic abilities & step confidently into your magic

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Get clarity by crafting your own language with the universe itself


Transform your life and spiritual practice in four months of guided mentorship:



  • Reconnecting and remembering the magic you are! 

  • Develop and explore your channeling abilities

  • Finding Activations in the world around you

  • Crafting Activations for yourself and others

    • This includes my NEVER-before-taught True Form (a.k.a. Wing Opening) technique!​



  • Finding, Understanding and pulling blocks

  • Connecting with your body, soul, and mind  

  • Healing the past through integrating and understanding your past life experiences

  • Ancestry, Inner child, and Aspect healing (This is the big stuff, holy moly will your magic expand after this!) 

The Universe


  • How the Universe works and how you work within it

  • Creating your language with the Universe

  • Mediumship in all its forms (in a high vibe, consent-focused way!)

  • Not your everyday manifestation! Its like a combo of activation and manifestation all happy in an energy work blanket

Realms & Beings


  • Realms, where are they and how do they affect us

  • Deity magic, figuring out who you are connecting with and how to navigate that connection

  • Fae, Dragons, Demons, Giants, Mermaids, Angels, Djinn and more

  • Messing with time - everything from timeline shifting to communicating with time beings

BONUS WEEK: Wrap Up & Integration
Starry Sky

If you’ve ever wanted a trusted mentor to help you find the spiritual answers you’re seeking, provide guidance on where to go next, and help you truly make your life more magical...

... this program is for you!

Train With Me and...

Connect deeply with your Guides, gifts & the Universe

Much of what I have taught in the past has been focused on opening up and understanding your gifts an abilities. This program takes that much deeper, helping you to explore your magic with all the nuance weirdness and support you need. This is a channeling and magic adventure where every week your spiritual understanding will grow! 

Experience me channeling with and for you! 

One of the most unique facets of this program is that the big spiritual concepts it deals with are things that I will be channeling in and working with right along with you, helping guide you with messages and insight as well as creating even more energy for the group as a whole and individually!

Learn my secret techniques

Yup! For the first time I am sharing some techniques that I’ve never before taught, such as how to craft activations that work, and True Form (aka Wing) Opening! 

Join a tight-knit community

The number one way to grow your spiritual practice and gifts is to have friends to do it with. That is why I mentor in groups, the growth and connection of spiritual friends is irreplicable! 

Create your own personal Spiritual Modality

You are the only one with your abilities and magic, and during this program you will craft your own activations, language with the universe, channeling techniques, healing and so much more!


This program is all about discovering your spiritual identity and personal power.

Learn and ask questions on bi-weekly group calls

Every Monday we will be doing a live lesson, tackling that week's topics and information. Then each Friday we gather for a live Q&A call with me where we compare our experiences that week and dive into further channeling and understanding. (Call time will be 3pm Pacific Time).

Receive guidance from me

This program is only accepting a very limited amount of students to ensure that everyone in the group has my understanding and knowledge for their journey. 

Confidently use several different spiritual tools

Get my tips and ticks on how to use a variety of spiritual tools, such as Tarot and Oracle cards, Pendulums, Channeled writing, Bibliomancy and more! 



Emily Dexter

Psychic • Activator • Historical Medium

As someone who has always been aware of my psychic abilities (but tried to run from them when I realized not everyone saw dead people), I understand what it’s like to struggle to (re)activate your spiritual gifts—and I'm here to help you unblock and develop them in a supportive environment using fun, simple techniques I found on my own journey.

In the past decade as a professional psychic, I have had the wonderful privilege to work with, read for, channel in clarity for, unblock, and activate the abilities of thousands of incredible clients including award-winning actors, filmmakers, CEOs, Olympic athletes and coaches, world-renowned musicians, NYT Bestselling authors... and now, you!



Included in this program:


A bonus wrap up and alignment week at the end of the program AND invites to future in-person alumni gatherings!

4 months of 2x weekly group calls with Emily

Complete with hands on exercises and channeling experiences that you can do again and again as you continue throughout your magic journey! And a weekly Q&A with Emily!

A curated and activated curriculum

Dive into all the things you have always wanted to learn about the world of spirituality with the guidance of an intentional curriculum crafted with you in mind. Includes weekly assignments, meditations, activation, prompts, card spreads and more. 

Private High Vibe Group moderated by Emily

A special group space just for trainees in the practicum to connect and share ahas, realizations, cool shit, ask questions and more. Emily will be in the group supporting you throughout the entire journey!

Sixteen weeks of direct mentorship from Emily (priceless, honestly!)

Get all of Emily’s years of channeling, learning, discovery, magic and experience to guide you through your four months of growth.


Well over $6200 in TOTAL VALUE
(That’s a $2200 discount!)
“AMAZING doesn’t begin to describe it! This course has cracked me open and magic is pouring out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this course!”

— Student


How does the Train With Me program work?

The program is 16 weeks of instruction and curriculum created and led by Emily.

Each week of the program there will be a Live Lesson taught by Emily via video call where you will get weekly assignments to aid your psychic growth. Later in the week, Emily also will host a Q&A call! 

Will I have space to talk with other program participants?

Absolutely! At the start of the program you will be added to the exclusive program group. The group runs like a Facebook group only cooler and in Emily's own app-like space. You will be in the group space only with other cohort members and Emily, so it’s a safe place to post questions, ahas, card pulls— you name it! 

How much time will I need to devote to the program?

Other than the weekly calls, only about another hour or two, though you can devote more if you so choose! You will get as much out of this as you put in. 

How are participants selected?

My team & I will be screening applicants based on their readiness to participate and connect as well as some energetic considerations.

When does the program start?

The program begins July 1st with our first live lesson call!

I don’t know what my psychic abilities are, will this program help me?

Absolutely! This program teaches you the basics of connecting with your abilities along with how to implement your gifts into your life in a way that feels aligned. That being said, it’s important that you’re ready to go deep, beyond the basics, into all things woo woo! 

I’ve taken Emily’s other courses, how is this one different?

This program is more advanced and geared towards those that are ready to move beyond the basics into the land of nuance and deep channeling.

Though there are similar themes to some of the lessons as can be found in other courses, this program is a unique experience with new lessons and wisdom.

Additionally, I will be channeling right along with you, continuing my ever-expanding quest for knowledge and sharing what I discover in real time with you!

How exactly do I get to work with Emily during the program?

I will be working with the group and you during the live calls each week and mentoring in the group space as well. There are also additional curriculum items that will help you make the most of your time in the mentorship!

Do you offer refunds?

Nope! This program is a commitment to you and your magic and therefore I do not issue refunds as I want to ensure you commit fully to your journey!

Other questions? Please contact

The Application Process

Because this is an intermediate—advanced program for people who are truly ready to commit to their spiritual journey, an application is required.


Fill out the simple, 8-question application (est. 5-10 mins to complete) in its entirety by clicking the button below


Emily & their team will review all applications within one week and update each applicant via the email provided


If you are accepted, you will be notified via email and sent an invoice to secure your spot!
(Keep an eye on your inbox!)



Apply now—limited spots available!

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Thanks for subscribing!

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