You are magical as fuck. 

Now is the time to tune into your Psychic Abilities and get clarity on your life!

Meet Emily

Bestselling Author . Psychic . Metaphysical Coach . Podcast Host . Artist. 

Emily knew of her psychic abilities by the time she was eight years old but couldn't avoid the isolation she felt when acknowledging her gifts. In high school she began reading oracle cards for her peers but couldn't overcome the immense fear she had of her own abilities and what would happen if she used them. But all of that came to a halt when she entered the abusive relationship from hell. 

Two kids and four years later Emily dumped the loser but found herself feeling like her gifts had left her. Determined to not have that be the case she set out on a mission to rediscover her magic. 

She never could have known how damn far this journey was going to bring her. 

She now is on a mission to help as many people as possible access their natural magical abilities and learn to use them without fear! 


What I Specialize In

Everyone has their own unique psychic and intuitive abilities.

I would love to guide you as you discover yours. 

"Emily recognizes the healing potential of role playing... She help(s) us see the potential for strength and transformation we always had inside."

- Eric Molinsky

Host of Imaginary Worlds podcast

"I'm really happy I got over my anxiety and booked a reading. it was worth it in the end. Shes amazing on what she does. With only one reading she was able to help me with my fear. Everything she told me was on point. I was in shock. I still have a lot of healing to do. She helped me open that door to begin the healing process."

- Jennifer G.

"Having a reading with Emily is more like having coffee with a trusted friend that's known you without judgment for years. Her information was incredibly accurate, and she delivered the messages in an encouraging, constructive way, helping me identify and remove limiting beliefs I wasn't even aware of. I definitely feel like I can move forward confidently with the insight she provided. Worth every bit of the investment!"

- Kristalynn Vetovich 

Bestselling Author and Astro-expert

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