Meet Emily

Bestselling Author . Spiritual Coach . Energy Healer . Podcast Host . Mega Nerd . Artist

.Creator of Long Titles.

Oh, all the long titles! 


I am Emily. All of the internet thinks I should write this in third person, but I don't, cause that's weird.

So, hi! 

I am so excited to get to hold a bit of space in the business that is your life. 

A bit about me:

I am magick. 

And so are you. Like seriously you are. 

I began to awaken to my spiritual and intuitive gifts around the time that I was eight years old. And over the years they have just continued to grow. 

I currently specialize in channeling everything from past lives to spirit guides to your higher self, energy and aura sensing and healing, oracle card reading, and vibrations. 

Also, my passion is to help you discover YOUR magick! Mine is boring compared to YOURS! 

I am an author.

Seriously, all I want to do is be magick and write.

My passion is  fiction. At the moment I have about 10 million books in the works but am actively writing a very intense speculative fiction series as well as a historical fiction on Locusta the Poisoner. 

I believe that stories can heal us and remind us of the magick within us that we have long forgotten. 

This past year one of my books, Damsel No More, became a bestseller in less than 24 hours after it launched. **cough cough subtle brag** But for reals, check out the info about it on THE BOOK page. 

I am an abuse survivor. 

Yep. I was in an abusive relationship for over four years. And, though it may surprise you, I don't acutally hate my ex. Don't get me wrong, I don't not hate him either.

I simply nothing him. 

Because I have healed the parts of me that did hate him but more importantly hated me because of what he did. 

However, because of all of that trauma I was able to discover the process that I currently use to help people uncover their gifts. 

So gratitude is given yet credit is actively with held. 

I co-host a magical podcast.

Its called Perceptionists Anonymous. Check it out. 

Like, pretty please check it out. 

I'm a proud (formerly) teen mom. 

Of both fur and regular children. 

I have three kiddos, they are currently seven, eight, and nine. Yes that is close together. Yes they are a handful. Just to answer the main responses I get to people hearing their ages. 

I had my first child at 18. Being a teen parent deeply shapes the way you view your own worthiness and has been the greatest achievement of my life. 

If you are a fellow formerly teen parent, let's fucking chat. 

Also, I have rescue bunnies and the best rescue pup in the world. 

Real talk, I am a people person. I would love to help you discover the magick in your life. 

So, click the button and schedule a time to chat with me! Whether it be a reading or you want to learn how to do a reading yourself, I would love to meet you.