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Meet Emily

• Bestselling Author • Celebrity Psychic • Mentor • Podcast Host • Influencer • Mega Nerd • Artist

• Creator of Long Titles •


Oh yeah! I am also an Author and writing mentor (its like I wanted to make this section as long as possible, I know).

Before my pro-psychic days, I spent much of my life as a ghost writer and have also written multiple books myself. A few of which are currently in the submission process to agents. 

(If you are an agent and interested PLEASE let me know!) 

As far as the writing mentorship goes, click HERE to get more info!

Ok, I think that's it. 

Oh, all the long titles! 


I am Emily.

I am so excited to get to hold a bit of space in the business that is your life. 

Some stuff about me: 

I am a professional psychic, and have been for the better part of 10 years. That is not of course, the entirity of the time I have been psychic. No, I have known of my abilities to chat with ghosts, see guides, and channel in past loved ones for most of my life. For a long time, I thought that what I could do was simply what everyone could do. However, once I discovered that was not the case, I promptly became immensely afraid of my abilities, while trying (and failing) to shut them down. Then after years of fear, blocking intuition, bad relationships, and overall yuck, I finally decided that enough was enough. I was going to learn how to use my abilities regardless of the fear. Which frankly, was a lot harder to learn how to do than it needed to be. I had blocked them off for so long, that I found the act of unblocking them rather, well, exhausting. So I set out to find a way to activate my abilities that was fun and simple. Now that is a huge part of what I do for my clients. 

And in my time as a professional psychic, I have had the wonderful privilege to work with hundred of incredible clients, channeling in clarity for them, activating there abilities, you name it! Everyone from award winning actors and film makers, to CEOs, to Olympic athletes and coaches, to world renown musicians and NYT Bestselling authors, to many people in many walks of life simply trying to figure out what's next for them, where to go from where ever they have landed. 

Not to mention I have had the honor of speaking at conventions and workshops, as well as on podcasts and radio shows. 

Honestly, I am so dang thankful to exist in a time where I get to share all my weird and wonderful psychic-ness and have it help people. 

So thank you for being here. I am so honored to get to share in your journey!

XOXO Emily

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