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You are magical as fuck. 

Now is the time to tune into your Psychic Abilities and get clarity on your life!

Meet Emily

Bestselling Author • Professional Psychic • 
Mentor • Speaker • Influencer

Emily has been putting her unique brand of magic to work as a professional Psychic and Activator for the better part of ten years. She is passionate about helping people discover, unblock, and learn to use their own natural psychic abilities. In this pursuit, Emily has had the privilege to work with Award Winning Actors and Film Makers, CEOs, Olympic Coaches and Athletes, NYT Bestselling Authors, World Renown Musicians and hundreds of other incredible humans around the world. It is her goal to make the Psychic and Spiritual as simple, fun, and quite frankly magical, as possible and often speaks on the topic as well as her methods for doing so at conferences, on panels, in workshops, as well as on podcasts and radio shows. 


Additionally, Emily has a passion for writing and storytelling. After being raised by a librarian, she spent many years as a ghost writer, perfecting the art of storytelling in her own way. She now combines her understanding of the spiritual plane with her stories, crafting novels to heal and activate all who read them. But she doesn't stop there. Emily and her business partner run the successful author mentorship program, The Forgotten Storytellers, where they teach budding authors how to channel in and activate their work as well.

She cannot wait to help you discover your magic and create your story!

Everyone has their own unique psychic and intuitive abilities.

I would love to guide you as you discover yours. 

“It is such a pleasure working with Emily. She is able to explain things in a way that makes sense even to a beginner just exploring their gifts for the first time. I always look forward to collaborating with her.”

Rebekah Carmichael
Spiritual Medium & Influencer

“I’m really happy I got over my anxiety and booked a reading. it was worth it in the end. She’s amazing on what she does. With only one reading she was able to help me with my fear. Everything she told me was on point. I was in shock. I still have a lot of healing to do. She helped me open that door to begin the healing process.”

Jennifer G.

“Emily is such a blessing! I took her week long course and it is changing my life. Especially all the block pulling she does on day two.

I’ve also had a reading with her and I can't express the amount of healing that has come from that experience. Thank you Emily for all you do!”

Kathy H.

“Having a reading with Emily is more like having coffee with a trusted friend that’s known you without judgment for years. Her information was incredibly accurate, and she delivered the messages in an encouraging, constructive way, helping me identify and remove limiting beliefs I wasn't even aware of. I definitely feel like I can move forward confidently with the insight she provided. Worth every bit of the investment!”

KristaLyn Vetovich
Bestselling Author & Astro-expert


The Alchemist’s Inkwell Podcast

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‘Of Mediumship and Magic’

Your spiritual podcast for grounded people. Featuring Emily Dexter, KristaLyn Vetovich, and occasionally a corgi or two.

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